Posted by Don (Makati City, Philippines) on 5 August 2008 in Lifestyle & Culture.


It is a game of skill in calculation played on a block of wood or game-board called sungkahan. The game-board is shaped like a boat with the surface artfully rounded at the ends. The surface of sungkahan is hollowed at regular intervals with sixteen circular holes, with one large hole at the end of each side, called mother or ulo (head). The fourteen small holes are called bahays (houses) with a capacity of a handful of tokens. They are hollowed out alongside at equal distances, seven holes at each row. Shells, pebbles, or seeds are used as tokens. The game revolves around the contest between two people each aiming to outdo the other by trying to accumulate as many tokens as he can into the mother hole according to certain rules of distributions and moves.

Sadly, this is seldom seen nowadays because of the emergence of computer games, which is preferred more by the new generation of youth.

Please criticize the photos at will in order for me to learn more and improve on this thing which i love.. Thanks in advance everyone...

April from Wuhan, China

sungka!!! oh i miss playing that. cousins taught me that game when i was 6 years old. nice DOF too!

5 Aug 2008 2:46pm

Don from Makati City, Philippines

thanks april.. sadly only a few filipinos in the new generation knows and plays this game..

7 Aug 2008 1:02am

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