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Wedding Prep
20 October 2010

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crying lady
21 July 2009

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deadly kiss
3 July 2009

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wall-e eyes
31 May 2009

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Happy Birthday Jesus
25 December 2008

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show me the way
4 November 2008

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defend thy master
5 October 2008

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Carriedo Station
25 July 2008

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iligan cement port
11 July 2008

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10 July 2008

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Parish Cross
9 July 2008

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bamboo chime
20 June 2008

Recent Comments

charmae on Balatan Family Portrait
hi! i was one of rez bestfriends in virginia, when i moved back to chicago we were still talking and she was also in ...

mark on Wedding Prep
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

Michael Buntag on crying lady
Although unintended, the final high contrast image is very interesting. It makes for a very ambiguous image since ...

Don on Pentax Spotmatic SP
sadly.. it just died on me.. will try to get him to the camera doctor to be revived..

Don on deadly kiss
Thanks a lot Leslie.. They are my family..

Don on Invisible
Thanks a lot.. Taken with the Spotmatic pictured .. sadly.. the camera died on me.. needs repair now..

LESLIE on deadly kiss
Lovely intimate shot

Mags on Invisible
This is a great picture, very well done! The look of those kids is so sad.

Don on green thumb baby
@paperclouds just to clear things out.. these are not experimental.. these films are really intended for C41 ...

paperclouds on green thumb baby
well, it turned out pretty awesome! you've got a very interesting grain that i would love to duplicate. i ...

Don on green thumb baby
@paperclouds i only sent mine to my regular film developing lab since it can be processed with C41. i don't know ...

Don on green thumb baby
thanks a lot leslie.. love the rollei..

paperclouds on green thumb baby
it's beautiful! which software are you using once you get your negatives scanned in?

LESLIE on green thumb baby
Beautiful shot. love the selective focus

Don on wall-e eyes
thanks a lot everyone..

LESLIE on Pentax Spotmatic SP
Yes a classic camera well captured - love the reflection.... Have just got one for my collection including 3 lenses

LESLIE on wall-e eyes
Great image well taken...... I have got one these cameras in my collection still in working order

Damon Schreiber on Pentax Spotmatic SP
A classic!

Eleftheria on wall-e eyes
Hahahaha! Super smart!!!!!!!

e11even on wall-e eyes
hehe that does look like wall-e eyes, that was a cute flick.

Benoit Darrieux on wall-e eyes
Beautiful picture. The reflection is so nice, as well for the colors giving a warm atmosphere. good idea.

B. Thomas on Pentax Spotmatic SP
It was one of my first "real" cameras too. I still have it and it still works. It was wonderful in its day! ...

Don on Pentax Spotmatic SP
Thanks a lot everyone.. Appreciate it..

JanWalcjak on Pentax Spotmatic SP
Great camera. ;-)

Ram on Pentax Spotmatic SP
Great Shot... Love the Colors... Nice captures in ur collection.

Stovepipe on Pentax Spotmatic SP
What a fine model! :-)

Don on Pentax Spotmatic SP
Thanks a lot Peter.. As for me, I'm a Nikonian but when I learned about the spotties and the takumars, i got in ...

PeterFH on Pentax Spotmatic SP
I love it, both the image and the camera. The Spotmatic was my first SLR, in my eyes still one of the most beautiful ...

Don on eighth month
thanks for the comment.. will do better next time..

Don on tita iyes
thanks a lot.. =)

WABIKOJA on tita iyes
Nice shot!

Heather on eighth month
I think it's real important to make sure your portrait flatters the subject. I try to put myself in the ...

paperclouds on through the rain
me either, but i like the stuff in the corners... gives the children more movement! lovely!

paperclouds on where are you now?
this is a beautiful haunting image!

Benjamin Madison on through the rain
Great capture! I'm no expert but I'd probably crop this a little on the right side and bottom.

Don on grandDad
thanks a lot. appreciate it.. =)

toni pons barro on grandDad
Precious photos on your blog, I like the way to photograph your surroundings. the compositions and textures. ...

Don on smiley
thanks michael.. i'm the proud dad.. =)

Michael Skorulski on smiley
Such a happy smile in this fine portrait.

Don on snow dog
thanks everyone.. hope to do good next time..

Steve Rice on snow dog
Awesome portrait. I like your composition.

shahab on snow dog
Excellent close up!Very well done!

Morgane on snow dog
SUPERB! the colors are splendid, the impressive details and the composition of the image is brilliant! a great cheer

shahin on snow dog
wow beautiful eye

Don on from me
thanks a lot Marzia and JJ.. =)

JJ on from me
aww that is so cute, and beautiful captured, lighting is superb

Marzia on from me
tatty teddy! beautiful

Don on the emperor's new shoes
thanks amanda.. he's my son.. =)

Don on papa in my eyes
Thanks Luis and Maxine.. =)

Maxine on papa in my eyes
Papa and child are very very lucky to have this wonderful love expressed so well by papa.This is beautiful.

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